I can imagine Vaas being the person in school who screams “HA. GAAAAAYYYYY.” whenever Citra or Jason goes up to present a project or something. 

Anonymous asked:

what's your sexuality?

I am going to free your soul... Answer:

I did say nothing was off limits ahaha, but I’m straight (I really hate the sound of that word for some reason but yeah, 100% into them dudes ahaha) :3

meggiecat asked:

If you could go to the Rook Islands, who would you bring along and which characters would they represent? c: E.G. you would be Jason because you're the leader etc.~

I am going to free your soul... Answer:

ouu, that’s an interesting question!
I’m going to take some my fellow Far Cryers to help me out on Rook, I think.

I would take you (MeggieCat) because you seem really badass and seem to have your shit together, so you would have to be Daisy :3

I would then bring SickMonkey because she’s uber cool and funny so she would have to be Ollie (I think she’s partial to a special green plant as well so they have that in common ;))

Wren would be Grant because she would take charge of the situation and help everyone out (BUT I don’t think Wren would get shot - so I choose Grant in the nicest possible way!!)

I don’t really rate Liza or Keith as strong characters because Liza just moans and Keith was made weaker by Buck so I think it would be insulting to say anybody for those two.

This was such a fun question!! Thank you :))